Open Ideation Campaigns

All ideation campaigns are organized through the innovation platform powered by HYPE. 

Smart Nutrition

How might we promote a healthier, more targeted, individualized and sustainable diet that would be accessible to all ?

Digitali­zation & Agri­culture

How might field robots be used to optimize agricultural production?

Fungi 2.0

How might (novel) "fungi systems" be used to shape a more sustainable and healthier agro-food system?

Open Challenge

How might we improve the Agro Food Ecosystem to for a better world?

All ideas will be rated on:

  • Potential of innovation
  • Degree of novelty – to Switzerland / to the world
  • Desirability, viability and feasibility
  • Economic impact
  • Sustainability
  • Scale-up / follow-up potential
  • The ideation campaign is open to anyone, who…
    • Is prepared to pitch his/her idea within a community and embrace the opportunity to find development partners and develop radical solutions within multidisciplinary teams
  • Applications are screened by the Suisse Agro Food Leadinghouse prior to publication on the HYPE platform and made visible to the community
  • Participation is free of charge!

Each challenge will be described in details on the HYPE Platform 

  • Submitted ideas may be at a very early stage or more mature.
  • We want to see a high level of novelty while some considerations of implementation.
  • If idea is not new per se, please describe what is different with yours.

Ideas get:

  • exposure to the ecosystem and to competences for development
  • the possibility to participate to matchmaking events
  • the opportunity to be developed within multi-disciplinary teams

For some campaigns the co-managing organization might sponsor ideas individually.

Past campaigns

1. Ideation Campaign on "Bioeconomy"

First ideation campaign

How might we develop & exploit low processing technologies to produce healthier, more nutritious and more sustainable food?

2. Ideation Campaign on "Smart Packaging"

2. ideation campaign

“How might we develop and use green, clean and smart plastic materials for food packaging, while assuring/improving food safety & quality and avoiding food/material waste?”
Submitted ideas
Submitted ideas

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