2. Ideation Campaign

Submission starts 17 May 2021

Packaging Vertical

“How might we develop and use green, clean and smart plastic materials for food packaging, while assuring/improving food safety & quality and avoiding food/material waste?”


In collaboration with:

Campaign process

17 May 2021 open
04 June 2021 close
07 June 2021 start
11 June 2021 next
30 June 2021 finish

All ideas will be rated on:

  • Potential of innovation
  • Degree of novelty – to Switzerland / to the world
  • Desirability, viability and feasibility
  • Economic impact
  • Sustainability
  • Scale-up / follow-up potential
  • The ideation campaign is open to anyone, who…
    • Is prepared to share his/her idea with a community
      and embrace the open innovation approach to find
      radical solutions
    • Applications are screened by the Suisse Agro Food
      Leadinghouse prior to publication on the HYPE platform and made visible to the community
    • Participation is free of charge!

This overarching question can be subdivided into: 

  • How to solve the plastic problem for food packaging? 
  • What innovative bio-based & biodegradable materials could be developed and used as packaging material?
  • For what type of application would that be suitable – chilled, frozen or room temperature storage?
  • Heatable/freezable? Liquid/soft/solid material products?
  • Logistic concepts are linked to packaging of food and also to the collection of used packaging material
  • What are innovative logistic & distribution concepts to support the use of biopolymers?  
  • Top 3 ideas rated by community CHF 500.-
    and 3h of dedicated support
  • Top 5 ideas assessed by the jury CHF 1’000.-
    and 3h of dedicated support
  • Participation voucher to either Workshop or Hackathon

Meet our jury members

Information will follow soon!

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 “How might we develop & exploit low processing technologies to produce healthier, more nutritious and more sustainable food?”
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2. Ideation Campaign starting

17 May 2021