Value is only generated if companies and research groups actively participate and manage to develop ideas further leading to projects and products. We provide the platform and support this process at our best.

Ideas and prototyped solutions will be awarded in two directions. One is price money which will be used by the teams to carry the idea / prototyped solution further. The other is support through experts who we have in our organization. This support covers individual consultancy on certain aspects such as financing through grants, research aspects, matchmaking with required experts, IP related questions, business planning etc.


The innobooster aims to bring a diverse group of people together in order to work on complex challenges that require a wide range of competences. Thus, it is addressed to all parties such as students, research institutes, companies (Start-ups, SME’s, corporates, …)

There will be a matchmaking phase where the different parties can find their preferred partners. We will provide digital tools to support this process.

No, phase 1 (ideation) is open to everyone

This depends on the phases. In the ideation phase with web based challenges and Hackathons, students are a key group of stakeholders to bring in new and out of the box ideas. When it come to the exploration phase and working in teams to develop solutions, students are very welcome to complement the team of companies and research institutes

Basically this is possible. The question is if you are open to share with other partners and to what extent open innovation and co creation can be still applied


The experts will be 2 persons from industry, 2 persons from academia and the two co-managers of the Leading house. The experts from industry and academia are elected for one year. Every year a new group 4 experts will be elected. They are appointed by the board of the Leadinghouse and the members assembly.


Yes, all types of innovation are welcome. Eligibility criteria: The teams going through the workshops (exploration phase) have to be members of one of the networks – Cluster Food & Nutrition or Swiss Food Research.

This is a question that we all have to work on. The basic concept behind the approach pursued in the Innovation Booster is open innovation and co creation. We have the unique chance to define in a collaborative manner how might we, being active in the area of innovation, would like to handle this question.


The third phase aims at developing the prototyped solutions further in order to lift them to the next level. This could be for example an Innosuisse project. It could also be a direct collaboration with research partners. The price money won in phase 2 can be used to cover the costs for the activities performed in the third phase.

The workshop offers: Access to design thinking and a guided workshop by experienced trainers. The possibility to win up to 22’500 CHF. The possibility to win 8h of consultancy by our experts. The design thinking process provides not only a way to come to unexpected solutions. The workshop is also a training for each participating party. Because of this value and also to get the right commitment, the team collectively has to pay a fee of 5’000 CHF. It is up to the team to split the costs internally.

That is independent and actually complementary. You can apply for an Innosuisse grant (Innocheque or Innoproject) on one subject and at the same time be active on another subject in the Innovation Booster. Actually, the Innovation Booster serves as a seed funding to help developing ideas further so that the team can apply for an Innoproject grant in a next step.


Both networks, Cluster Food & Nutrition or Swiss Food Research are the members of the leadinghouse. Members Cluster Food & Nutrition or Swiss Food Research are also member of the leadinghouse and thus are eligible to participate.

The Suisse Agro Food Leadinghouse is an association founded by Cluster Food & Nutrition and Swiss Food Research. Both organizations are collaborating in a very close manner. Being associations the interest of the members are giving the directions for the future.

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