Suisse Agro Food Leading House

Within the Suisse Agro Food Leading House, Cluster Food & Nutrition and Swiss Food Research join their networks and innovation tools to promote and manage the Innosuisse powered Innovation Booster Swiss Food Ecosystems. 

Join, create, innovate!

Together we serve Switzerland’s biggest Agro-Food innovation network. With multi-stakeholder approaches and proven innovation expertise in the agro-food system, we are committed to its transformation.

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Meet the team

Simon Meister
Incubation Coaching
Flavia Rothen
Communication & community

Innosuisse Innovation Boosters

What it is about

Fostering a culture of innovation and co-creation to build next generations’ Swiss Food Ecosystems.

Innovation Boosters powered by Innosuisse are initiatives that aim to spur innovation activities through concrete ideas development and testing.

Innovation Boosters foster a culture of open innovation. Their activities are open to all Swiss actors who are interested. Knowledge transfer between research, business and society and foster cooperation with partners along the entire value chain of a theme.

In doing so, they create sustainable competitive advantages for Swiss SMEs in particular. For the period 2021-2024 a total funding 21.3 million Swiss francs is budgeted to enhance 600 novel innovation ideas and 100 radical follow-up projects out of 24’s.

If you are interested in reading the Innovation Boosters mission statement, click here.

24 Innovation Boosters

Swiss Food Ecosystems is one of 24 initiatives powered by Innosuisse.

Leading House

Cluster Food & Nutrition and Swiss Food Research join forces in the Suisse Agro Food Leadinghouse.

Radical Innovation

Financial and dedicated support of the program aims at radically innovative Ideas.


Through open innovation tools like design thinking, ideas transform into prototypes.

Learn more about Innovation Boosters

Watch a video about Innosuisse’s initiative by Marc Pauchard. A presentation in occasion of the IB Swiss Food Ecosystems Kick-off Meeting on 24 November 2020.