Fostering a culture of open innovation to build next generations’ Swiss Food Ecosystems.

12 NTN Innovation Boosters

Swiss Food Ecosystem is one of 12 NTN initiatives powered by Innosuisse.

Radical Innovation

Financial and dedicated support of the program aims at radically innovative Ideas.

Leading House

Cluster Food & Nutrition and Swiss Food Research join forces in the Suisse Agro Food Leadinghouse


Through open innovation tools like design thinking, ideas transform into prototypes.

What it is about

NTN Innovation Boosters powered by Innosuisse are initiatives that aim to spur innovation activities through concrete ideas development and testing. NTN Innovation Boosters foster a culture of open innovation. Their activities are open to all Swiss actors who are interested. Knowledge transfer between research, business and society and foster cooperation with partners along the entire value chain of a theme. In doing so, they create sustainable competitive advantages for Swiss SMEs in particular. For the period 2021-2024 a total funding 21.3 million Swiss francs is budgeted to enhance 600 novel innovation ideas and 100 radical follow-up projects out of 12 NTNs.

Learn more about us

Watch a video about Innosuisse’s initiative by Marc Pauchard. A presentation in occasion of the NTN IB Swiss Food Ecosystems Kick-off Meeting on 24 November 2020.

Upcoming Events

Ideation Campaigns

New calls opening July 2021

Design Thinking Workshops

Starting September, Oktober and November 2021

Our food system is broken

Our food system is broken!

Be part of the solution and encourage a holistic and collaborative culture by means of open innovation.

The challenges are open!

We will focus on 3 verticals

Smart Nutrition

Smart Nutrition solutions for:

Personalized nutrition, microbiota vs health, fermentations, digitalization, 3D printed food, proteins (alternatives & traditionals), silver economy, food disorders, salt&sugar reduction…..

Bio Economy

Bioeconomy solutions for:

Ressources efficiency​, Biomass valorization​, Circular economy


Packaging solutions for:

Functionality, food preservation & shelf life, food safety, antimicrobials, new materials, polymers, bioprinting, 3D printing, biobased, biodegradability, recyclability, new recycling streams….​

We mentor from the idea to your prototype

Ideation Phase

An ongoing process supports the emergence of innovative ideas, solutions and teams.

> benefit from exposure to experts and matchmaking

Exploration Phase

Implementing agile tools and human-centered design methodologies. Teaming up with interdisciplinary partners. Prototype and validate with final users.

> winners are awarded with up to CHF 20’000 and further mentoring hours

Continuation Phase

Your Project is ready for the next steps. Be it more research, piloting or market entry. 

> Get access to further funding.

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You want to know more?

The innobooster aims to bring a diverse group of people together in order to work on complex challenges that require a wide range of competences. Thus, it is addressed to all parties such as students, research institutes, companies (Start-ups, SME’s, corporates, …)

Yes, all types of innovation are welcome. Eligibility criteria: The teams going through the workshops (exploration phase) have to be members of one of the networks – Cluster Food & Nutrition or Swiss Food Research.

Value is only generated if companies and research groups actively participate and manage to develop ideas further leading to projects and products. We provide the platform and support this process at our best.

Our Team

Meet our experts

Nadine Lacroix Oggier
Grégory Grin
Design Thinking