Our food system is broken!

The Innovation Booster Swiss Food Ecosystems is one of 18 innovation boosters powered by Innosuisse.

We foster a culture of open innovation and co-creation to build next generations’ Swiss Food Ecosystems.
By deep-diving into the existing problems and mapping out the stakeholders, we offer a holistic and systemic view that encourages radical solutions!

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Innovation Booster Project Day

The Swiss Innovation Forum brings together key players from the economy, science, research, education, politics, and media to promote innovation. During this event, you will have the opportunity to participate in stimulating discussions and develop future projects alongside promising startups, bold visionaries, and committed investors.

Transforming problem-based opportunities into impactful solutions!

Open Exploration

Ideation Phase


Benefit from:

 3 verticals to focus on

Smart Nutrition

Smart Nutrition solutions for:

Personalized nutrition, microbiota vs health, fermentations, digitalization, 3D printed food, proteins (alternatives & traditionals), silver economy, food disorders, salt&sugar reduction…..

Bio Economy

Bioeconomy solutions for:

Resources efficiency​, Biomass valorization​, Circular economy


Packaging solutions for:

Functionality, food preservation & shelf life, food safety, antimicrobials, new materials, polymers, bioprinting, 3D printing, biobased, biodegradability, recyclability, new recycling streams….​

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