What is hindering us to use the resources in food supply to the fullest?

Incubation for radical solutions

The transformation of the agro food system needs a space to create opportunities, incubate ideas and develop radical solutions. Welcome to the Innovation Booster Swiss Food Ecosystems

Workshop & Opportunities
Problem Based Approach

«Open Exploration Workshop» with Problem-Based-Approach
will result in Opportunity Statements and Stakeholder Mapping.

(open to everyone, mandatory for idea submission and funding)

Radical ideation
Idea Incubation

Ideas emerging from the workshop are submitted for a incubation funding voucher of CHF 5'000,- and curated coaching
for idea refinement, literature and patent screening, experts interviews and project partners line-up. Regular "check-ins" will help you to a high quality project proposal.

Solution Design
Project Proposal

Your idea has grown into a project with high potential for disruption. You have found partners from research and application and committed a team. Your project proposal is ready to enter the development phase for impact. An invitation for pitching will be expressed after an expert's screening.

Experts Jury
three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard
Pitching Sessions

Online idea pitching with an expert panel.
Instant feedback is given. Funding decision is taken based on:

  • Innovation degree & disruption potential (radicality)
  • Transformational & Sustainability impact
  • Scalability and development potential
  • Team committment
Award winning
Up to CHF 39'000

12 teams will have the opportunity to win up to
CHF 40'000 of innovation fund to develop projects further into impactful applications and products. Not selected projects might be proposed for other funding/development opportunities from the managing partners and experts.

Starting exploring and mapping the problem and opportunity space on resource efficiency within the agro-food system will help to deepen the connection to the problem, by

  • understanding how resources are used today, why we stick to it, and what root cause are at their base 
  • laying out the relevant stakeholders and comprehending their relationship to the problem, their bonds and fears
Based on the thorough exploration of the entire problem landscape of today’s resource spillage a systemic picture of the whole will be possible. 

This open and collaborative setting will make you meet people from diverse backgrounds and will make you learn more insights to actively work on the emerging opportunities. Be it designing circular economy on biological and technical loops, nudging consumer behavior, innovating technology and packaging, food waste reduction and as far as re-modeling the system from soil to soil. 

Radical ideas that mature during the workshop will be submitted for incubation in a first step. A CHF 5’000,- voucher in cash and curated coaching will allow to spend more thorough thinking on the idea. Desktop, literature and patent search, in-depth interviews with experts, research and implementation partners, project- and team lineup will be checked and supported by coaches on a regular basis. 

For ideas that grow into a project proposal with disruptive potential, a committed team from research and implementation partners will be invited for pitching to an expert jury. A grant of up to CHF 30’000.- will allow for more development in bringing it to life.

The workshops are the ticket for idea incubation and project proposal for this Innovation Booster. (Participation to workshop, of at least one member of the submitting team is mandatory for grant reception.)

A reservation fee of CHF 100.- per person is asked at registration. This will be refunded after participation.

Register to one of the upcoming workshops

Open Exploration Workshop
"What Hurdles are hindering us from connect more to the soil?"

Monday, September 30, 2024

Ferme de Lilan - Bavois

Join | Create | Innovate
Open Exploration Workshop
"What Hurdles are hindering us from connect more to the soil?"

Tuesday, October 8, 2024

Ferme de Lilan - Bavois

Join | Create | Innovate

What is hindering us to use the resources in food supply to the fullest?

  • Come with an open mind and a willingness to contribute actively and constructively to the topic at hand
  • Be ready to actively exchange with others in an open innovation and co-creation mode
  • Be prepared to join a multidisciplinary team working on the development of an opportunity
  • Be interested in submitting a radical idea (for individuals and teams) and development project (as a team)
  • Be prepared to pitch in front of an expert jury online (dates announced at registration)
  • Guidelines & Conditions

    DOWNLOAD Guidelines and Conditions

Why attending ?


  • you want to make a difference
  • you are looking to match-make competences to start a venture or a project
  • you would like to incubate an idea and get a voucher of CHF 5’000,- (paying for your time)
  • Apply for a up to CHF 30’000,- of funding to develop your radical idea into a project
  • you would like to join the innovation ecosystem

Who should be attending?

  • Companies who are looking for future opportunities
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Researchers
  • All Innovation Booster Community members
  • Individuals who want to drive impact

What will be awarded?

 Ideas with:

  • radical ideas with a disruption potential
  • opportunity of continuation as a collaborative development project
  • a promissing set of competences and high commitment of the team
  • potential to generate an impact onto the current Food System and trigger change towards a more healthy and sustainable one

This is what participants tell about the program, watch!

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