Design Thinking Workshops

Design Thinking is a great process to ideate a solution or challenge an idea within 2-3 weeks. While developing a prototype for the next steps towards implementation, you base your ideation on a collection of insights on the pains & gains of your customer, supplier or any other actor in the system.
You experience working in a multidisciplinary team and learn great tools to sharpen any future idea into a viable and relevant solution to your goals. Be the outcome a prototype of product or service, a briefing for further research or a go to market strategy you always gain clarity for innovation. Within 3 weeks you get an introduction, you do some fieldwork, called empathy phase and finally you design your solution in only 1 and 1/2 days!


Learn about Design Thinking and get introduced to the empathy phase.

Empathy Phase

Understand a problem to better solve it. Observe, ask, read to collect insights.


Ideate with insights, develop your prototype and pitch in front of an experts jury.

All ideas/projects will be rated on:

  • Degree of novelty – to Switzerland / to the world
  • Potential for future project implementation (scale-up / follow-up potential)
  • Degree of desirability, viability and feasibility
  • Potential to change the system
    (sustainable, social, economical and ecological impact)
  • Apply via Email and/or HYPE Platform and be selected
  • Have a multidisciplinary team formed before the workshop starts:
    • An Innosuisse Research Partner
    • Implementation Partner (producing, retailing company or public organization)
  • Minimum 4, maximum 8 team members
  • Have all team members agree and sign a confidentiality agreement issued by the organizers. (Guidelines and Conditions)
  • Participation fee for each Team: CHF 5’000,-. Fees can be split amongst the legal entities/ participating parties
  • Members of Cluster Food & Nutrition and Swiss Food Research are eligible to retrieve a voucher of up to 1000.- CHF/ per participating party
  • Be prepared to continue the idea in a project once awarded

Each challenge will be described in details on the HYPE Platform 

  • Potential for continuation as a collaborative development project (i.e. funded by Innosuisse and/or other organizations)
  • Presented solution shows degree of novelty
  • Potential to generate impact onto the current food system and to trigger change towards a more healthy and sustainable solution
  • All teams will be judged by a dedicated jury
  • Teams can be funded up to CHF 20’000,- 
  • Award is linked to continuation of the idea, prototype or any development that has been designed during the workshop

View ideation campaigns

1. Ideation Campaign on "Bioeconomy"

First ideation campaign

How might we develop & exploit low processing technologies to produce healthier, more nutritious and more sustainable food?

2. Ideation Campaign on "Smart Packaging"

2. ideation campaign

“How might we develop and use green, clean and smart plastic materials for food packaging, while assuring/improving food safety & quality and avoiding food/material waste?”
Submitted ideas
Submitted ideas

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